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Easier to Breathe will be a musical evening filled with original work from upcoming artists LOEKI and Flor introduced by contemporary dance.

Everyone creates their own comfortable reality of the world and of each other. But what if this comfortable reality falls apart due to the many crazy things happening around us or because our own inner demons rebel against us?

This question has been the subject for creative makers Loeki, Flor, Savea and Esther and will function as a thread throughout the evening. They will present you their work and their perception through different forms of art, languages and musical genres.

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy this new generation of artists and their performances. Let Easier to breathe be a an inspiration for your mind and a comfort for your heart. 

"We only see what we wanna see, we only believe what we want to believe, we perceive what we like to perceive, to make it easier to breathe."

LOEKI, the host of the evening, is a 20 year old artist who makes melancholic dark pop for overthinkers in need of some joy and confidence. Combine inspiration from Olivia Dean, Birdy and Naaz and bring it together with a warm, soulful voice and playful grooves.

Flor is a 21 year old artist from Antwerp, Belgium. He brings uplifting flemish pop with a mix of electronic synths and house-inspired grooves. Live he and his band will make you dance, laugh and sing without a doubt.

Savea is a dancer and choreographer from LA, California, who seamlessly translates stories into movement. The piece she made especially for this evening will be performed by dancers Stavali Portegijs and Emy Mårtenson Liljegren on a composition made by Esther Jacobs

Esther Jacobs is a pianist, composer and songwriter from Dordrecht. She graduated from Codarts last year and is known for her beautiful touch and writing. The composition you will be hearing during this evening is inspired by the music and topics of LOEKI.

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