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This evening is part of FRESH: a creative platform for young makers with big ideas. On Thursday, October 5, 2023, Amenti Theatre Company will take the stage and become the creators of their own program during the Afrovibes Festival.

NOM.NOS Deconstructed is an evening in which Gil the Grid and his Amenti Theater
Company embody several pieces from their current performance NOM.NOS. They will
discuss the themes, symbolism and meaning of the pieces with you in between the scenes. Topics such as decolonization, ancestors, history, African myths and finding your future by connecting with the past are discussed.

NOM.NOS means 'name us' - and refers to the journey the cast goes through in the play in which they search for their original name. All cast members are children from the West African diaspora, caused by our colonial past. The consequences of this past can be found in many ways in the people, society, our views, but also the names of the cast members. Gil 'the Grid' Gomes Leal creates a world through dance, puppetry and text. A new myth that tells us the story of the importance of strength, connection and our history.

The original piece can be seen in other places. However, this evening is an excellent
opportunity to connect personally with the cast members, their stories and experiences and to delve deeper into the underlying meanings of the play.
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NOM.NOS by Gil the Grid
Produced by Amenti Theatre Company


Gil Gomes Leal


Gil Gomes Leal in collaboration with dancers


Gil Gomes Leal, Mark Sheats, Angel Gonzalez, Joao M Balde Arias

Actor / Text:

Romano Haynes

Creative Producer:

Elia Vitadamo


Asi Yehuda


Matilde Tommasini

Production Manager:

Elia Vitadamo


Ulrike Quade Company


Manusama Nuance


Mike den Ottolander


Alexandra van den Akker

Technical Producer:

Titus Duitshof


Yahmani Blackman


Menno Drost

Coaching puppetry:

Ulrike Quade

Made possible by Motel Mozaique and Ulrike Quade Company

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