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House Jam Rotterdam


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This evening is part of FRESH: a creative platform for young makers with big ideas. On Friday, November 10th, House Jam Rotterdam will take the stage and become curator of their own FRESH-night.

Immerse yourself during this full-evening-program in the shared history of House Dance and the Ballroom scene (vogueing). Both cultures started in queer clubs and have diverged into two cultures that share the same values, but are vastly different. The evening includes a panel talk, jam sessions with free movement, and a performance by House Jam Rotterdam.

Celebrities from the Rotterdam House and Ballroom scene are invited: Amber Vineyard, Typhoon Basquiat, and Sarada Sarita. Together, they engage in a conversation about the connections and differences between both worlds. In the performance, dancers from House Jam Rotterdam demonstrate how these two worlds come together. The dance is partly choreographed and partly freestyle, inspired in the moment. Through dance, they invite the audience to participate and move freely to the music of DJ Jozef Darma.

Food for thought

Want to learn more about the origins of the House dance scene? Join us for the screening of the documentary Check Your Body at the Door during Vegan Friday. You can add your diners when you buy your FRESH tickets.


18:00-20:00 Vegan Friday

19:00-20:00 Film Screening

20:30-21:30 Panel Talk

21:30-22:00 Short break & Jam

22:00-22:15 Performance

22:15-00:00 Jam

Jozef Darma

Soul, Funk, Disco and Caribbean sounds were part of his upbringing. In the 90’s he came in touch with Hiphop and House music in the Clubs. Dancing was always a natural thing for Jozef “Zev” Darma. Nowadays he still loves to share his stories in the clubs, social gatherings, jams and cyphers with his dance and also with his collection of deep, soulfull, afro(tech) sounds with a quirky twist.

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Docu: Check Your Body at the Door

Check Your Body at the Door is about the remarkable underground House dancing in NYC's golden decade - the 1990s. Featuring rare dance club footage, the film follows these legendary House Dancers to clubs, their jobs and in their everyday lives.

House Jam Rotterdam

House Jam Rotterdam (HJR) is a community-focused organisation with the purpose of bringing dancers and people who love house music together. The organization was born after the second lockdown, out of the longing for social exchange and the need for physical activity. HJR consists of four members - Vanildo Varela, Mystique Angels, INOWI, and Nora Mabrouki - each bringing their own style and approach to dance.

House dance is a club culture that is increasingly taking the form of classes and battles. This makes it less inviting for novice house dancers to understand and speak the language of this dance. HJR has dancers from the vogue community, roller skaters, and emerging DJs who want to engage with the audience.



Vanildo Varela, Myriam Merét, Noëlle Vosman, Nora Mabrouki


Mystique Angels, Vanildo Varela, Sary


Amber Vineyard, Typhoon Basquiat, Sarada Sarita


Dj Jozef Darma


Naomi He-Ji



Made possible by:

W-ISH Foundation

Vanildo Varela has been practising dance since 2013 and specializes in House Dance, Waacking, Hiphop, Old Way Vogue. After many years of travelling the world and gaining knowledge in Sweden, Japan, and New York City, he has pivoted towards pursuing a career in dance theatre. Having worked with Lloyds Company and Dansatelier he’s been able to develop himself on stage as a solo performer. Currently working on theatre pieces and productions that focus on amplifying the inherent Black and Queer cultures that make these dance styles so special.

Mystique Angels is a notorious figure of Sex siren, based in Rotterdam NL at the time a Waacker, she was invited to Ballroom by the few Voguers of the time and they founded together The Kiki House of Angels in 2014. Her medium of expression always originated with dance and the seductive and social aspect of dance as a way to spark connection. She was born in France from migrant Hispano/ Tunisian background, and has developed a creative and therapeutic way to become one with her body and explore/ express her sexuality freely. Thanks to Ballroom, her chosen safe space and family and this category that she walks since 2017, she feels happiest when she lets her body speak.

Sary, a seasoned dancer with over a decade of experience, is a true artist in the realms of freestyle hip-hop and vogue. Their dance journey is a profound exploration of self, delving into the rich tapestry of gender expression and identity through each step and every movement. Their story is a vivid illustration of how dance can serve as a transformative tool for self-discovery and acceptance. As they dance, they invite others to join them in celebrating the boundless potential of movement to amplify individuality and embrace authenticity. Sary stands not only as a dancer but as an inspiration to all who seek to express their true selves through the art of dance.

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