Is it possible to vary a basic phrase in any imaginable way?”

FRIS: Exercises in Style / 8+

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Olympia Kotopoulos & Matija Franjes


Physical theater

Different locations

In this edition of Fris, Olympia and Matija are looking for the fun of varying and celebrating your own choice.

Inspired by Raymond Queneau's book Exercises in Style, they look for a hundred ways to become one thing more than themselves from perspective, imagination and innovation.

An ode to fantasy and breaking the beaten track. Because in a world where everything is about survival and adaptation, it is important to celebrate difference.

In this dance installation, children are not only an audience but become part of the performance. The same scene always takes on a different style with the input of the children. And in the meantime, you go on a dancing walk through the different rooms of the Maaspodium.

  • This is fris

  • This is fris
  • This is fris
  • This is fris
  • This is fris
  • This is fris
  • This is fris
  • This is fris
  • This is fris
  • This is fris

Maas offers young makers the opportunity to come up with something completely new once and play it for a family audience. A playground for theater and dance makers, in which they get the opportunity to further develop themselves and the youth theatre. We call the series of performances and presentations that result from this Fris. Read more about Fris.


Movement and Direction :

Matija Franjes and Olympia Kotopoulos


Matija Franjes and Olympia Kotopoulos


Matija Franjes

Technical assistance :

Isabela Manea


Book : Exercises in style by Raymond Queneau

Thankyou to :

Grand Theatre Groningen for providing us space to create and imagine

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