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Tall Tales Company


Circus theater, Spoken word


Celebrating their 10 years aniversary Tall Tales Company transforms various locations in Maaspodium into Small Tales. For one evening Maaspodium is filled with acrobatics, freerunning and spoken word. The audience is invited on a journey through showcasing multiple short performances full of acrobatic theater and theatrical acrobatics.

Tall Tales Company, along with the audience, delves into how your expectations influence what you perceive and how acrobatics can express ideas about transformation. It's circus theater that surprises you and makes you see the world in a different way.

Tall Tales Company, like Maas theater en dans, is celebrating its 10 years aniversary. Specifically for this evening, the circus company is creating new work and inviting fellow companies to showcase their talent.

Show Duration: 60 minutes + afterparty and DJ.


20:15 - freerunners Be Flat
20:30 - kick-off Tall Tales Company
20:45 - exploration with various acts
21:15 - spoken word Spraakuhloos
21:30 - anniversary party with DJ StayFun


Be Flat brings a combination of freerunning, acrobatics, and musical improvisation. Ward Mortier and Thomas Decaesstecker honed their freerunning skills on the streets and later trained as acrobats in Canada. Together, they explore how we can relate to the spaces we move in differently.

Handstand Acrobatics x Hiphop Dance - Melody Nolan and Kelly Bigirindavyi come together in an energetically choreographed mix of house, hiphop and handstand acrobatics, specially designed for this evening.

Experimental Aerial Acrobatics - suspended from a trapeze, Hanna de Vletter transforms into various images of a dove, from a flying rat to a symbol of peace. Coo coo!

Acrobatic Duet - Charlie Hession and Swantje Kawecki combine contact improvisation and acrobatics. For this evening, they create a duet that explores how we reveal different aspects of our personalities when interacting with family, colleagues, friends, or when we are alone.

Spraakuhloos - spoken word full of linguistic virtuosity and mental gymnastics. Kylie Lyandra and Keanu Rae give voice to the role of transformation in our lives. They examine how the person we are now relates to who we were as children and the person we will see in the mirror in 20 years.



Harm van der Laan & Maartje Bonarius

Be Flat:

Ward Mortier, Thomas Decaesstecker

Handstand Acrobatics x Hiphop Dance:

Melody Nolan, Kelly Bigirindavyi

Aerial Acrobatics::

Hanna de Vletter

Acrobatic Duet:

Charlie Hession Swantje Kawecki


Kylie Lyandra, Keanu Rae

DJ StayFun:

Stefan Seedorf


Nikki Kracht, Susanna Paavola

  • 10 year Tall Tales

  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales
  • 10 year Tall Tales


Tall Tales Company and Maas each celebrate their 10 years aniversary during Circus4days at Maaspodium. Tall Tales will receive the key to the theater and showcases the best of what circus theater has to offer today. They are providing an opportunity for new creators to present themselves. Expect crossovers between different disciplines and be amazed by groundbreaking circus acts and grand stories!

This performance is part of Circus4days at Maaspodium. Four days of circus theater! Combitickets to watch multiple performances are available on each performance page.

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