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The Clash of Comics Ball / XL

European Father Typhoon Prodigy


Div. zalen

Please note that we're SOLD OUT. There are only 50 tickets left to be sold at the door. If you still need a ticket, make sure to be at Maaspodium at 14:00 to get one of the few last tickets.

Everything is possible in a fictional world! This Saturday it is that time where Marvel Universe and DC Universe meet. Super heroes and super villains will be getting together this night to rule the runway. Who will rule their category?

You are welcome from 15:00 - the Ball starts at 16:00. Please note that: there are specific rules of conduct within the Ballroom community, please treat them with respect.

Immerse yourself into comics, super heroes and super villains. A space where you can make your alter ego come to life. Be prepared to join the categories [fashion] [beauty, body and sex] [realness] [performance]. For more details check out the Facebook eventpage by the amazing European Father Typhoon Prodigy.

  • The Clash of Comics Ball

  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball
  • The Clash of Comics Ball


  • 14:00 – Walk-in Participants 
  • 15:00 – Walk-in Spectators
  • 16:00 – Beginning Ball
  • 00:00 – Ending Ball

Make yourself at home. You're free to walk around during the event. It is possible to drink and eat at M café. Enjoy!

What are Balls?

Parties where the participants compete with each other in different performance categories in the name of their house. A jury assesses the presentation of a participant within a certain category. The categories are about sexuality and gender; the masculine and feminine expressions within those. 

The popular Netflix series Pose might seem to have spurred the growing interest in balls in the Netherlands, but it actually has been on the rise for years. As a spectator we would recommend to go watch the series. It really showcases the necessity of the Ballroom culture.

Rules of conduct

Balls are a safe space where participants and spectators treat each other with respect and without judgement. It is important that we can secure this atmosphere, so that everyone can feel at ease and at home during the event.

The rules of conduct will be explained at the start of the event.



Typhoon 007




Mother Savphire Revlon
Father Michael ELLE
Mother Selena Gaultier Brown
Shiva Miyake Mugler
Mother Ambrosia Gorgeous Gucci
Mother Diva Ivy Balenciaga
Princess Makaba Comme des Garçon

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