A dance adventure with live percussion

Wild Thing / 6+

Maas Theater and Dance



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Wild Thing

Six tomboyish girls are on detention, in a room somewhere in a school, as punishment for an unnamed crime. They are a group of rebellious free thinkers, and the boring situation only serves to stimulate their creative energy, which inevitably bubbles up, turning the classroom upside down.

In Wild Thing we see the physical, gutsy side of girls, their power and their determination. These girls do more than dance; they test their limits, challenge and go one up on each other, and have fun all along the way. They are tough and defiant, but they still remain girls, capable of jealousy or even of cry if the occasion calls for it.

The performance is a song of praise for the Pippi Longstockings, the Lara Crofts, the Meridas and all the other gritty females of myth and legend. The performers in Wild Thing dance and simultaneously make music. They do percussion on their bodies, sing, stomp, and use the whole stage as a musical instrument.

Choreographer Arthur Rosenfeld
“Girls who refuse to do girly things are usually loners who have trouble fitting into groups. But in the world we want to create in Wild Thing, it is just the opposite. The conventional idea of how girls behave is turned on its head. They are a group of free spirits ignoring convention and inventing the rules of their world as they go along.”

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Arthur Rosenfeld

Dance, performance, live music:

Emilie Birraux, Sil Dekkers, Lauriane Ghils (music), Gloria Ros, Katarzyna Sitarz, Nanda van de Vorle


Helene Jank


Sanne Danz


Javier Murugarren

Light design:

Paul van Laak


Moniek Merkx


Ana Teixidó

Video trailer:

JKTV Producties

Campaign and scene images:

Noa Verhofstad, Phile Deprez

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