Explore your true identity and break barriers in collective movements.

YOUR ID(EA) #3: Building futures of differences / XL

James Rae Parnell



Your ID(ea) is a series of workshops for BIPOC and queer individuals, focusing on self-discovery, empowerment, and breaking stigmas in a safe environment where your unique identity is central. Whether you aim to achieve professional goals, overcome personal obstacles, or seek community, you’ll find the support you need here. Discover the power of your story! Together, we break barriers and celebrate who you are.

Diversity can be challenging, especially within the BIPOC queer community. Often, it's assumed that we share the same political beliefs, visions, and ideas, which can lead to division and mistrust.

This workshop focuses on building connections and managing our differences within the BIPOC queer community. We will share examples of how to collaborate despite our differences and engage in practical exercises to develop new projects with people from varied backgrounds. We’ll discover how our individuality can enhance collaboration and how we can grow and thrive as a community despite our differences.

James Parnell

James Parnell, based in The Hague, is a curator, facilitator, dancer, and zine-maker focused on community building, collective learning, and navigating conflicts in these practices. He often works in marginalized cultural and artistic communities, such as queer, Black, and independent publishing communities.



Aisha Bah, Guilliano Pinas, Sarah Jawla


James Rae Parnell

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Jozef Wright & Aisha Bah

Your ID(ea) is supported by VSB Fonds and Fonds21 EXTRA. The workshops are suitable for BIPOC and queer individuals aged 16 and up. You can purchase a pay-what-you-can ticket for one workshop or a combo ticket for all three workshops.

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