The Maaspodium has a spacious foyer and two theater halls. The venue is very suitable for conferences, lectures, symposia and cultural events. But also for recording live streams or webinars as well as for weddings, anniversaries and other parties.

When you enter the Maaspodium you walk right into the foyer. With the wooden interior and the ample amount of daylight, the foyer has a warm and light appearance. The high ceiling gives an optimal feeling of space, with a balcony surrounding the foyer. When the weather is nice, we open the doors to our terrace where you can experience a unique outdoor feeling in the middle of the city. The foyer offers space for about 250 people, however with 20 people it can be very cozy too.

Blue theater hall
The Blue hall is the large theater hall of the Maaspodium. This hall has a flat floor stage, with a 205-seat stand. When the stand is retracted, there is room for about 450 people.

Red theater hall
The Red hall is the small theater hall of the Maaspodium. This hall has a flat floor stage and a bench providing seating for 108 people. When the stand is retracted, there is room for about 300 people.

Dressing rooms, a beamer with horizon cloth, LED displays and a full PA system with buzzing WiFi connections, the Maaspodium has it all. Both theater halls have extensive lighting options. Look through our technical riders or ask us about the options. Would you like to expand your event with food and drinks? We got you

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Would you like to make a reservation or request more information? Please contact our rental and catering coordinator Dragan Dimovski via or fill in this contact form. We strive to respond to your request within seven days.

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