Unlimited fantasies with the door a little ajar

KIER / 4+

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hetpaleis | Kim Karssen & Hendrik Kegels





When everything is real.
When everything that is possible could happen.
And when everything that is impossible could also happen.
Who knows, maybe the far-away stars are roses,
or the flowers run like water?
Or maybe it's all just something
blue, with a pink coat
and big eyes.

What could be more exciting than what is concealed by the door? The creators of KIER (ajar) test the boundaries of our fantasy, making room for a thousand and one possibilities. What would happen if you didn't stop fantasising, drifting for all of time through space, with stars, planets and comets whizzing around you? After all, isn't life much more fun when everything is still possible, when the door is always a little ajar?

Duration: 50 minuten.

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Concept, performance:

Kim Karssen, Hendrik Kegels

Artistic director:

Benjamin Verdonck

With special thanks to:

Thomas Claessens

About the artists

During the 2018-2019 season Kim Karssen and Hendrik Kegels put on KIER in hetpaleis as their graduation project. Their highly imaginative imagery left the world wanting more, and together with Benjamin Verdonck they transformed KIER into a full-fledged show. hetpaleis is a house for the performing arts for kids and young adults, located in Antwerp, Belgium.

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