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Vr 12/11 Vanishing Point en zo 14/11 Moi-ra-i
€20 (Normaal) | €15 (Rotterdampas) | €15 (XL: <30 jaar)

Za 13/11 Circunstruction #10 en Zo 14/11 Moi-ra-i
€20 (Normaal) | €15 (Rotterdampas) | €15 (XL: <30 jaar)

Vr 12/11 Vanishing Point, Za 13/11 Circunstruction #10 en Zo 14/11 Moi-ra-i
€25 (Normaal) | €20 (Rotterdampas) | €20 (XL: <30 jaar)


This performance was previously called The Midheim.

Taking their own faith in their hands, three magical sisters cross the veil into the human world. Struggling with the challenges that they meet while battling their stubbornness, they set themselves upon a difficult journey. Will they be able to return home if they use all their inventiveness and imagination?

This surreal circus performance is both raw and energetic and carries a pinch of humor. Inspired by Norse and Greek mythology and with suspense and fantasy, the collective Trenina invites the audience to let their imagination run free. Will you join us on this journey through mythological fantasies? 

Moi-ra-i premieres at Maaspodium!
50 minutes.

Scannen voor toegang (Scan for access)
Maaspodium currently uses the 'Scannen voor toegang' software (scan for access). If you are 13 years or older, you need a specific CR-code to access a performance. The QR-code is your proof that you either have been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days, that you had corona before, or that you are tested within the last 24 hours by Read more about Scannen voor toegang.

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This performance is part of the Circusdriedaagse of Maaspodium. Three days of circustheater! Combitickets to see multiple performances will be available soon.





Carina Klingsell, Elena Damasio, Saana Tolonen

Dramaturgical advice:

Corien baart


Adnan dura

Light design:

Tom Henden


Lily Schlnkr


Trenina is a young female circus collective, with imagination as their drive. The collective makes contemporary circusperformances for the whole family with a fairytale like atmosphere. The artists are graduates from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam and Trenina has developed this performance with help from Circunstruction and Stichting snaD.

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